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Galaxy Piano Installed at Old Town Square

Post Date:12/14/2020 10:16 AM

Galaxy Piano in Old Town SquareMusic can lift our spirits and spread joy, and a new temporary public art piece, the Galaxy Piano, was installed at Fairfax City’s Old Town Square by the Commission on the Arts in the hopes of doing just that.

Đổi thẻ game nạp bằng SMS 2019Public Art Committee Chair Carol Caputo envisioned a public piano that people would happen upon and play, or hear music played by others and be moved to stop and enjoy a song or two. A city resident donated a piano and Cultural Arts intern Hannah Bremmer painted it with a galactic theme. 

Artist's Statement

"Inspired by Creation and the universe, I love to make art that reflects the beauty of the world around us. I chose to go with a galaxy/nebula design for this piano because I wanted to create something more ethereal. I used spray paint as my primary medium for its ability to make cloudy designs, holding down the nozzle gently to create the star cluster effect. Afterwards, I went in and added bigger stars with white paint and a little brush. I hope that this piano is used to its fullest capacity and that the starry design inspires musicians, trained or not, to release their creativity onto the keys!" Hannah Bremmer 

The Galaxy Piano will remain in place until the elements take their toll. In the meantime, people are invited to play their favorite songs while in the park. The commission encourages social distancing and hand sanitization before and after playing the piano.