Franchises & Licenses

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Any company, organization or individual that wishes to permanently place any wires, cables, lines, conduits, utility poles, or any other item or device within the right-of-way of the city must first obtain the permission of the City Council. This permission is required whether the facilities are aerial, underground or on the surface. This requirement applies to city easements as well as street rights-of-way or other publicly owned property. Facilities constructed on private property are subject to meeting the requirements of the City zoning ordinance. 

Đổi thẻ game nạp bằng SMS 2019Examples of items that require a franchise or license include power lines, telephone lines, gas lines, fiber optic cables, transformers, electric switches, ground water monitoring wells, private communication lines, radio transmitters, permanent signs, decorative pavements, non-standard street lights and other streetscape items not maintained by the City. Items that would be in the right-of-way for shorter periods of time, such as temporary signs, require only the city manager’s approval.