General District Court - Police Citations

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Instructions to Make payments ONLINE 
(Or check total due or verify court date on a case) 

Click here to go to the General District Court Case Information System

  • The next screen is a security feature. Please follow the prompts and click “Accept” to access the system.
  • On the Online Case Information page, click the dropdown box on the left side, under Court Tab 
  • Scroll down in the box and select Fairfax City General District Court
  • Under the Traffic/Criminal Tab click either Name Search or Case Number search
  • Click on the Blue case # that you want to pay
  • At the bottom of the selected case page, click Process Payment
  • Follow the prompts to enter your credit card # and the amount you want to pay

**A 4 percent  convenience fee will be added to your total due** 

  • The system will ask for your email address before processing your payment to email you a copy of your receipt