Residential Permit Parking Districts (Decals/Hangers)

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In accordance with City of Fairfax Code 98-206, "Permit means (1)a residential parking permit (decal) that displays the permit parking district identifications number; (2) a visitor pass that displays the residential identification number or (3) a temporary visitor pass, in each case issued by the city."


  • All vehicles garaged in the City of Fairfax Residential Permit Parking Districts (RPPD) must display a city residential parking permit (decal).
    •  Decals are provided upon payment of the Vehicle Registration Fee and can be picked up in the Treasurer’s Office in City Hall or will be mailed to your residence. 
    • The decal will expire October 5 each year.
    • Enforcement of the new decal begins November 16.
    • Where do I put my City Decal


  • Two visitor parking hangers are issued to residential permit parking district owners after payment of their personal property tax and registration fees (due October 5 of each year).   
    • Hangers will expire October 5 each year 

Temporary Visitor Passes

  • Temporary visitor passes may be requested in writing from the Treasurer’s Office 
    • Requests should include length of time and reason for the temporary pass
    • Temporary visitor passes are issued for a period not to exceed seven days


A current list and map of Residential Permit Parking Districts can be found here.

Đổi thẻ game nạp bằng SMS 2019If you live in a RPPD you must obtain a city residential parking permit (decal).  Decals are not required for motorcycles or trailers.